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Social Commitment

Engagement with employees & society

Healthy, competent and motivated employees are the most important capital for securing the future of our company. They are the basis for the strength and performance of our business activities. The management as well as the department heads undertake to design the working conditions and the organization beyond the basic legal requirements in such a way that personal responsibility, commitment and motivation of the employees are promoted and safety at the workplace is guaranteed.
Our products and services require a high level of teamwork and coordination across departmental boundaries. Promoting this is an important management task. Every employee is responsible for the quality of their work and is called upon to continuously improve it and to question it in terms of our sustainability strategy. Suggestions for improvement are actively encouraged. Vocational training, on-the-job support and take-over of responsibilities form the basis for the motivation of our employees. Our focus lies on measures that can improve the quality of our products and services and further develop the personality of our employees.

Choice of partners

As an international trading company, we are in contact with a large number of partners. As part of our professional quality management, we take measures to ensure compliance with consumer protection, product safety, labor law and occupational safety, diversity, the fight against corruption and compliance with human rights throughout the supply chain.