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  • Every day we make sure that the mills get their grain to make flour, which is the base for the bread we eat every day

  • We ensure that farm animals get their feed.
  • We ensure that the supermarket shelves do not remain empty and are stocked with the highest quality products. Even in difficult times of the pandemic, national conflicts and other crises/challenges that life may bring.
  • We often work in the background rather than in the public eye, but we are an essential link in the supply chain of one of the most important pillars of life – food.
At the same time, we always focus on pleasure and enjoyment: for us, our partners and for everyone who ultimately tastes our products.




We set the highest quality standards for all of our products. The topic of sustainability in particular is now a must and is also a priority in our production chain. When selecting our suppliers for the fish and seafood range, we have strict standards and pay attention to the origin and quality of the goods. In addition, the entire process of further processing and transport is carefully controlled and meets all legal requirements. This is the only way we can stand behind each of our products.

Our history

Glatz – a story with tradition

Glatz GmbH is an Austrian family company that is now run by the fourth generation. The success story of the traditional company began when the company was founded in 1892.

The Glatz Group currently employs around 60 people. Several domestic subsidiaries as well as one each in Hungary and Italy also contribute to the overall success of the company. Our production of the Nuri cult sardines is located in Matosinhos in Portugal.


    Diverse and colorful, high quality

    As a family-run company in the fourth generation, quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability are important cornerstones of our company. In day-to-day operations, this means that we not only meet the legal requirements and regulations, but also guarantee seamless traceability of the production chain with comprehensive quality management.

    As a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious company, we are also a certified member of the AUSTRIA Bio GARANTIE and sell food and raw materials from controlled organic cultivation.

    For the food sector, we are certified by IFS Broker. This gives our customers the assurance that our production meets the strictest quality requirements and that only the best goods are delivered to the trade. We are aware of our responsible role as an importer of food and we select suppliers according to strict criteria. Our production facility in Guntramsdorf is IFS certified and all packaging processes run according to the highest safety and hygiene standards.

    We set the highest quality standards for all of our products. Sustainability has become a must, especially for fish products, and it also plays a major role for us. Our commitment gives the consumer the assurance that our products come from sustainable fishing and that the fish stocks will be preserved for future generations.

    Two business areas

    Specialized in two areas

    The focus of activities is on the two business areas of agricultural products and food. In the food segment, the company has specialized primarily in the import and distribution of canned fish, fruit and vegetables as well as rice, nuts and dried fruits. In addition to selling its own brands such as Nuri®, Excelsior® or Farmer’s Country®, Glatz is the general agent for popular brands such as Delamaris® in Austria . Glatz is also positioned in the confectionery sector.


    Our employees are the foundation.

    • Straight-forward
      We trust in short decision-making channels, long-term contacts and certified quality standards.
    • Open-minded

      The daily interaction and exchange with a wide variety of cultures enriches our internal and external actions.

    • Courageous

      We are open to all changes and developments in the market. We are open to new things and always ready to take new paths.