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Quality is very important to Glatz

125 years of tradition commit to quality. Compliance with the legal guidelines with regard to consumer protection is a basic requirement and therefore a matter of course for us. Our quality management system guarantees complete traceability and the maintenance of quality through precise documentation and regular controls.

High quality assurance

Quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability are important in all of our business areas. Every day we strive not only to meet the legal and regulatory requirements, but also to guarantee complete traceability of the supply chain with comprehensive quality management . In the food sector we are IFS Broker certified, and in the agricultural sector we also have numerous certificates that make us a trustworthy partner for trade, industry and agricultural companies.

Sustainable waste management with ARAplus

We rely on the services of for disposal, resource management and operational environmental protection . 

Glatz is a long-term partner of the ARA and thus makes an important contribution to active climate protection. ARA ensures that the packaging for Glatz products is collected and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Overall, the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in the ARA system brings annual savings of around 520,000 tons of CO throughout Austria . And that relieves our environment sustainably.

GMP+ B3 Standard

The GMP + B3 standard encompasses the trading, collection, storage and transshipment of feed and is the most respected certification system in the industry. Certification according to this standard enables us to market goods for sensitive food production.   

Danube Soy

In the soy sector, Glatz has been a member of the Donau Soja Association since 2012 , which advocates GMO-free, origin-assured quality soy from the Danube region as a contribution to the European protein supply. Since the end of 2013 Glatz has been one of the first certified suppliers of GMO-free soy meal .  


In our role as a dealer, we are now a certified interface in the value chain for the sustainable production of biofuels from biomass. As part of an ISCC EU certification , the path taken by bioenergy along the entire value chain, from the field to the production of bioenergy, is documented. The certificate proves that the traded biomass was produced in accordance with the required sustainability requirements.  


Glatz is also a Pastus + licensee in the animal feed sector current list of licensees ). This quality management system ensures product quality and enables complete transparency of the flow of goods.  


Due to the recognition of the GMP + quality program, we are also entitled to deliver goods to the QS system in the feed sector.