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Positioning, Values & Principles

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, meet the requirements of our partners and be able to maintain the passion of our employees, we work according to jointly defined and lived values.

Our values – “straight-forward, open-minded, courageous” – are the three characteristics that guide us in our actions, decisions and behavior. They tell us how we conduct our business and how we work with our customers, partners and colleagues.


certified quality standards

In the agricultural as well as in the food trade, we rely on short decision-making channels, contract loyalty and certified quality standards.


accept challenges

We are open to changes in the market and recognize new opportunities that may arise as a result.


Appreciate diversity

Dealing with different cultures enriches us professionally and personally, externally and internally.

Our corporate principles

  • We work together openly, agree priorities together and implement them as one.
  • We communicate proactively and respectfully, with the aim of working closely with the management team and with our customers.
  • Competencies and areas of responsibility are clearly defined to ensure efficiency and transparency.

  • The management of our employees is characterized by appreciative communication and a clear, uniform target agreement process.

  • We consciously develop our employees, through delegation and coaching, in the personal responsibility and the necessary skills to secure the company loyalty of talented people.


We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to answer your inquiries to your complete satisfaction.