Animal Feed

We trade high-quality animal feedstuffs which we can deliver at competitive market prices thanks to our international contacts. In this way we have been a reliable partner for the compound feed industry and traders for many years.

All animal feed is available bagged, in big bags or in bulk.

  • Soya bean meal, both GMO and Non-GMO
  • Rape meal and linseed meal as raw material for mixed feeds (single component feedstuffs
  • Cold–pressed rape-, linseed, pumpkin- and sunflower seed expellers
  • Sesame expeller pellets and sesame extraction meals for game feeds
  • Cattle salt and other salt products
  • Feeding Limestone and Feed Phosphates, Rock Dust Shell
  • Limestone, Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Lucerne grass meal pellets
  • Potato protein

Our quality certificates in the area of animal feed you can find here.