Quality Policy Foodstuffs

Trade in foodstuffs brings responsibilities. Therefore quality is an essential factor in our daily business. Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements with regard to the protection of the consumer is the least we can do. Our quality management system ensures traceability and quality preservation by accurate documentation and periodic inspections.

The food department of the Glatz GmbH & Co KG is certified according to IFS Broker at a higher IFS_Broker_Box_RGBlevel. This gives our customers the assurance that they will receive only the best products and that our suppliers meet stringent quality requirements. As an importer, we play an important role in the supply chain. Therefore, we set high standards..ABG_Siegel_4c-0 HOCH

Our IFS-certified production facility in Guntramsdorf offers packaging to the highest safety and hygiene standards. Many of the Farmer’s Country products (rice, nuts, etc.) are specially packaged for us there. The IFS-certified warehouse allows for an optimal product turnover. Each newly arrived batch is being spot-checked.

As a certified member of the AUSTRIA Bio GARANTIE we sell certified organic foods and we also provide certified organic raw material.

You can download all certificates here:

IFS certificate valid until 3.6.2020 (PDF)

Bio certificate valid till 31.12.2020 (PDF)