SerpisSerpis Sabores Blue Cheese
Serpis Sabores ChorizoSerpis Sabores ChiliSerpis Sabores ZwiebelSerpis Sabores SardellenSerpis Sabores KnoblauchSerpis_Sabores_TunaSERPIS_OLIVEN_170G_LimonSERPIS_OLIVEN_170G_ChiliSERPIS_OLIVEN_170G_Anchovy

The brand SERPIS stands for 100% Spanish olives. Instead of the classic filling with peppers they offer the demanding consumers unusual fillings such as tuna, blue cheese, chorizo, chili, caramellised onions, garlic or anchovis.

The products come in 235g glas jars and bring a tasty portfolio to the shelves in a way you normally find only in Spain. Their special quality serves for different purposes, e.g. as antipasti with white bread.

From May 2015 there will also be three varieties (Anchovi, Lemon, Chili) also in a 170g doypack.

Nettare d‘OlivoNettare_d_Olivo_Extravergine_unfiltriert_500ml_qd

The company Azienda Agricola “Il Frantoio” srl produces its olive oils with special care. The skilful combination of tradition and innovation allows the small business in Borgomaro to produce high-class products. “Il Frantoio” is a member of the “Mastri Oleari” – an association whose members produce their products according to strict rules and controls. In this way they are outstanding in comparison with the competition.

Also in the range are pitted Taggiasca olives in extra virgin olive oil.