Guylian Classic 250g Promo Pack

Madecasse Espresso Bean 75g
Through our subsidiary, the “brand agency Olivier” GmbH, we are since  January 2013 also broadly positioned in confectionery and engage in Austria-wide sales of sweets supplied by Guylian, Corifeo, Heilemann, Jelly Belly and others in the domestic trade (supermarkets , drugstores, cash & carry).

The products range from various chocolates and pralines on nougat bars, coated almonds & walnuts, gingerbread and marzipan up to candies, dragees and jelly.

In the assortment is fine Italian Nougat from Quaranta and a truly fair chocolate from Madagascar – Madécasse. Also classical mints under the brand Barkleys in a nice tin are new in our assortment. The sugarfree herb candies from Montisse are packed in stylish tins, low-calorie and dental-friendly.