The name keeps its promises and stands for competence in the field of canned food. We deliver it in standard sizes for the retail as well as the wholesale trade.

For Home


Canned Food has become even more a trend. Not only in restaurants, which serve their food directly from the can, but the “ready-to-eat” fish & Co. are also at home a popular snack. However, our eyes eat first. That is why, the canned products from Excelsior are presented in a new packaging. For home, on the road or in the Office.

Food Service


Can you see the difference?
The crown makes the difference.

Our product portfolio consists a wide range of canned products, from tuna in different varieties to artichokes, mushrooms, peaches as well as pears, and is mainly aimed at customers from the wholesale trade, as well as from bakeries and restaurateurs.

Excelsior food folder