Glatz GmbH & Co KG has evolved into a food specialist. As a supplier to the food trade and the processing industry we are an experienced trading partner, specialised in dry goods such as nuts, canned fish, fruits and vegetables, rice and dried fruit.

Besides our own brands such as Excelsior, Ilias, Natural Fruit and Farmer’s Country we are the exclusive agent of well-known international brands such as Nuri and Delamaris in the area of canned fish or Pedon and Riso Vignola for rice and pulses.

From 2013, we also cover the confectionery sector through our subsidiary “Brand Agency Olivier” GmbH. Brands like Guylian, Corifeo or Jelly Belly play an important part in that field.

As food broker we bring strong food brands to the supermarket shelves. Imports from all over the world and successful product placement in Austria as well as in Central and Eastern Europe have allowed us to reach our current size in the food business, and we are constantly growing. From July 2014 Glatz is a member of the Austrian Association of Branded Goods Industry.

In Hungary our subsidiary Glatz Hungary Kft. does business with local retail chains.

Our foodstuffs at a glance are also displayed in our Folder Glatz Food (PDF).

sardinesolives Pasta tricoloreparboiled rice naturalHaselnüsse Pitted Prunes
Champignons Pineapple Guylian Pralinen

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