Quality Policy Agricultural Products

120 years of tradition commits us to quality. Ensuring compliance with statutory regulations with regard to the protection of the consumer is a basic requirement. Our quality management system ensures traceability and quality preservation by accurate documentation and periodical inspections.GMP_DEU

The GMP + B3 standard covers the activities of trade, collection, storage and handling of feedingstuffs and is the best-respected certification system in the industry. Our certification according to this standard allows us to market goods to the most sensitive of markets.

Our sites have laboratory facilities where quality is continuously monitored. Before storage, the products are checked using quick-tests for possible contamination. After careful cleaning and drying, samples are kept, while the products in the silos are regularly tested for the correct temperature and moisture content. Thus we can assure a continuously high quality standard.
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The company has been a member of the Association Danube Soya, since 2012, promoting the cultivation of GMO-free soya originating from the Danube region as a contribution to the European protein supply. Since the end of 2013 Glatz is among the fist certified suppliers of Non-GMO soy bean meal.ISCC_Logo_rgb_kl

In our capacity as trader, we are now a certified interface in the value chain of sustainable production of biofuels from biomass. As part of an ISCC EU certification basically the way of bioenergy along the entire value chain, from farm to production of bio-energy, is documented. The certificate proves that the traded biomass was produced according to the respective sustainability requirements.PASTUS+

Glatz is also Pastus+ licensee in the area of animal feed. This quality management system secures the product quality and allows for a perfect transparency of the flow of commodities.

Due to the recognition of the quality program of GMP+ we are allowed to deliver certified goods in the area of animal feed to the QS system. 




You can download our certificates here:


EGM Zertifikat   (PDF)

GMP+ B3 Zertifikat Wien, Linz, Andorf_valid until 08.07.2020 (PDF)

Agrovet Certificate Sojaschrot OGT_valid until 31.12.2019 (PDF)

Agrovet Certificate Donausoja Sojaschrot_valid until 31.12.2019 (PDF)

ISCC EU Glatz GmbH & Co KG_valid until 26.06.2020 (PDF)

QS sites valid until 2021 (PDF)