Our values & principles

In order to meet customer needs, the requirements of our partners and stakeholders and to keep up the passion of our employees, we work according to commonly defined and lived values.

Straightforward – As a traditional company, “straightforwardness” has always been at the centre of the company`s history. In agriculture as well as in food trade, we rely on short decision-making processes, contract compliance and certified quality standards.
Courageous – We are open to changes in the market.
Open-minded – dealing with different cultures within and outside of the company enriches us professionally as well as personally.

Our values – “straightforward, courageous, open-minded” – are those three characteristics, which guide us in our actions, decisions and in our behaviour. They determine, how we run the business, work with our customers, partners and colleagues.

Our company principles

  • We work together openly, agree on priorities together and implement them together.
  • We communicate proactively and respectfully with the aim of close cooperation in the management team and with our customers.
  • The responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure efficiency and transparency.
  • The leadership of our employees is characterized by appreciative communication and a clear, unified objective-setting process.
  • We develop our employees through delegation and coaching regarding their responsibilities to ensure the company’s commitment to retaining talents.