The company PEDON is market leader in Europe in the area of pulses.90 Sekunden Weizen_Quinoa

Quick mixtures for the microwave were introduced in the Austrian market in April 2015. Cereals and legumes with extra virgin olive oil from Monini that are quick and easy to prepare. After just 90 seconds in the microwave you have a perfect meal rich in nutrients that will delight you. Currently available are the varieties bulgur & quinoa, spelt or 7 grains.


Pedon_Getreide und linsen_qd
From the Pedon assortment Glatz sells dried pulses and grains. This division exists since 1984. The “time-savers“ product line which only needs cooking for 10 minutes, was awarded the “Trends and Innovations Award 2008″ at the SIAL, the international food fair in Paris. The line comprises different varieties of grains and pulses which are ready to eat in ten minutes and offer an easy and wholesome alternative to rice or pasta. The ingredients are pre-cooked in a gentle process, which does not affect the taste or the nutritional properties.

More than Pasta is the new range of bean pasta of Pedon: all beans’ benefits come in pasta shapes and made of 100% pulses. High protein and fibre, rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. The new highlight is the environmentally friendly packaging made from 15% food waste.  The pasta box is also 100% recyclable.

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